Art Therapy Series

This art therapy class is a six-week series.

This therapeutic series will involve the use of creative techniques such as paint, collage, sculpting to help participants to express themselves and improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being in a gentle and non-judgemental space.

All your supplies are provided for this weekly therapeutic, self-exploration through art. Each week, a different art medium is used. A friendly and supportive environment at the art studio allows us to be free to be messy.  

Comments from previous Art Therapy Series participants  

“The art therapy series invites enlightenment, individual experience, and socialization.  It unexpectedly tapped art to return to my life.” Female Age 56

“I would recommend this to everyone. I think many people would benefit from this class…it really reached down deep into your soul and ways of thinking and processing life.. it was so much more than an art project”. Female 59

“Excellent. the experience was healing, calming and a true pleasure.  I’m more creative than I thought.” Female 48  

NOTE:  There are no refunds after Jan 24, 2020.  There is a full refund available with a $25 process fee prior to Jan 23, 2020.








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